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Greenshank Systems was set up specifically to assist smaller organisation's produce and deliver on a coherent sales and marketing strategy encompassing both 'traditional' and Internet sales/marketing activities. A strategy that supports and assists the overall business objectives of that organisation. And in a way that the business can manage and develop over time.

To achieve this, Greenshank have produced a range of business modules that assist organisation's in developing and achieving their potential.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about knowing where to steer the business. Where is the business now, what's its strengths and weaknesses? Where does the business what to be in 12 and 24 months time? - and what's the best route to achieve this. Strategic planning gives the company a clear focus and direction - helping to clarify the business decisions needed to achieve these goals.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing is at the heart of most successful businesses. Marketing is not an art, its a science and maximising your return from often limited marketing budgets is the real key to sucess. That’s where we can help.
Greenshank offer consultancy to develop detailed plans or review your existing marketing plans. Areas of focus typically include:

  • The product lines the company is offering and developing
  • The current markets where they are sold
  • Identifying potential new markets
  • The competitive pressures which have an impact on performance
  • The sales and distribution channels available
  • The promotion of the company and its product portfolio
    Our assistance with developing, implementing, and managing marketing communications activities can cover the following areas:
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Exhibitions, seminars and conferences
  • eMarketing website production and tuning (see below)
  • eMarketing online lead generation
  • Sales Collateral Production

Sales Consultancy

Closely integrated with our Marketing Consultancy shown above, we can offer a range of services reviewing and advising on your business, its products and services and helping the management team build and deliver on the strategies that will best enable the company to maximise its return.
hese can include establishing, coaching and managing a strong and focused sales team and and its associated sales plans including:

  • Performance Objectives
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Territory and Market Sector allocation

We can also set up the reporting processes to manage the company's sales environment and establish the ongoing monitoring and appraisal processes that can help in the development of sales skills.
For sales partners such as resellers and distributors, Greenshank activities can include:

  • Developing the appropriate sales plan(s) that will motivate the indirect partners
  • Developing and identifying potential channel conflict areas and remedies
  • Developing suitable channel management and reporting processes
  • Developing support tools required by the channel to help them sell - product sales kits, training and promotion tools

    eBusiness strategy consultancy

    Often a companies eBusiness strategy (if one even exists) is developed and executed in isolation to the more traditional sales and marketing strategies, negating any opportunities for product crossover and fertilisation between the two. Extending on from the 'traditional' sales and marketing activities, the eBusiness strategy should be aligned and integrated to maximise the potential crossover between the two.

    Greenshank can advise in the following areas:

  • Potential scope of the eBusiness opportunities within the companies current product and services activities
  • Applicable products and/or product lines
  • Scoping and identification of direct or indirect eBusiness models
  • Design, development and production of suitable web presences
  • Online payment models
  • Online delivery models
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online advertising
  • Web site monitoring, reporting and tuning


Our goal is to help the management of an organisation improve performance and become more competitive. Increasing your profitability is our bottom line.

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