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Greenshank Systems was set up specifically to assist smaller organisations deliver on coherent sales, marketing and eBusiness strategies. A strategy that supports and assists the total business objectives of that organisation. And in a way that is measurable, realistic and totally achievable.

Intrigued? - then look at the services that we can offer to get your organisations strategy working positively towards your business goals.


Greenshank Systems was founded by Dave Down, a long time veteran of eCommerce and the Internet. Dave has worked in the industry for over 20 years, and was first exposed to web technologies in 1992 whilst researching for Sun Microsystems. As a communications specialist, he soon visualised the potential power that these new technologies could bring to organisational practices, and worked as part of a specialist team within Sun Microsystems assisting companies on these advances. After Sun, Dave worked for several eCommerce solution providers building customer propositions in a variety of areas - including digital signatures, trust infrastructures and very large scale closed user communities for areas such as online banking or online medical services. It was during this time, whilst working with partners such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture, that it became clear that many of the smaller organisations across Britain were receiving a raw deal especially in the newer areas of online sales and marketing. Small and medium sized business needs and aspirations surrounding online business are often very different to larger organisations, but the solutions generally being offered were simply cut down versions of big business solutions. This disconnect lead to the formation of Greenshank Systems.

Terms and Conditions
A copy of our standard consultancy terms and conditions is available here in Adobe PDF format.
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Greenshank Systems is registered for UK VAT.
Registration number: 806 6871 09
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Greenshank can be contacted via the following methods::
Telephone: 07876 233575


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